Our Company
CV. Bentonite Mulia Sentosa is as local company production and manufacturing, processing Bentonite Clay as active minerals. Our Product are coagulant, bored pile, bentonite, toxin binder. Have a dream to be a leading company as large suppliers in the whole Indonesia to fill local markets for the active minerals, and if possible we would like also to participate to fill Asian Markets for the Active Minerals as well. With very significant deposit of raw the best quality materials of Bentonite Clay in our district area, so that we can exploit it more and more. And committed to keep always green. Right now our products capacity 300 ~ 500 MT per month will increased soonest.

About Us

To maintain and strengthen domestic market leadership in the local market Bleaching Earth industry and to achieve recognition demand we have to added product capacity to fill up domestic market and export. Incase 60% for local market 40% export.
To be a leading producer of a complete range of competitively priced, superior quality Bleaching Earth as Mineral Active, high power bleaching while pursuing profitability and rebuild the nature to make stabilizing always green.
  • Bentonite
  • bleaching-earth
  • fuller-earth
  • rare-earth
  • zeolite
  • calcium-bnetonite
  • sodium bentonite
  • black-clay
  • Shofertilizer-organic
  • asphalt-emulsion
  • meal-feed-additive
  • aquaculture